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BHM Committee

  The Johns Hopkins University's Black History Month Committee will be planning an educational and exciting month for February of 2008.

Theme: "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

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Events Committee

  The purpose of the BSU events committee is to provide and maintain the best atmosphere, in which Black students can learn. Help get the word out about BSU's GREAT EVENTS!

  The expectations of our members are to attend all BSU meetings, committee meetings, and to assist in any way possible with the projects done by the events committee.

  This year our goal is to bring the focus of BSU back to the students. In order to do this we need to:

-Build up our Black community here on campus
-Increase class unity
-Educate each other on our Black culture and history
-And focus on rebuilding the Black and Latino unity on campus by working more closely with OLE.

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Research Committee


Research, History:
  Remember a time when you wish you had an old exam to study from? Or a time you needed a book so badly, but didn't want to purchase it from the book store? Well, you cannot affect the past, but you can affect the present! BRING IN OLD EXAMS, LAB REPORTS, AND TEXTBOOKS! If you have any of the above hidden away in a room at home, find them, dust them off, and drop them off at the BSU room! We are accepting from every and all subjects, so anything you have we want! For those who cannot part with an old exam, copies can be made.

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Admissions Committee

  The admissions committee is planning some big things this year. In conjunction with the freshman representative, we are planning the events for the Big Brother/Big Sister mentoring program. Also we host the Excel Youth Conference inviting local 11 th and 12 th grade students to come and find out what Hopkins is all about.

  The Admissions committee also works on a BRAND NEW initiative called, the Excel Youth Project; a joint effort with HOPE, NSBE, SALUD!, and OLE; in local High Schools to promote enrollment in higher education to the tenth grade and under.The admissions committee works closely with MSV and other groups in the Admissions department. We help to host during Colors of Hopkins and Discovery Days. This year we are fostering new things in multicultural recruitment and alumni relations. The admissions committee is the perfect committee for people who want to work on a year long project or with some of the projects that pop up during the year. You only need to be enthusiastic and come with an open mind willing to try new things.

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Community Service Committee

  This upcoming school year, 2007-2008, the Community Service Committee of BSU has taken a new initiative in regards to the services it will offer. As proposed during the spring '06 semester, this committee will focus on providing direct services to the Homewood campus, with an emphasis on those employed by Facilities Management and Maintenance and Dining and the children of the Tutorial Project. The Homewood based services provided will be educational and entertaining. They include the Haunted House (a BSU/OLE collaboration) and a year long literacy project: computer skills, basic math skills, and English comprehension. The committee will also be involved in planning a service project for the Black History Month festivities, which will occur at the Rose Street Community Center near the Hopkins Medical School campus. Below is a description of each event, except the Rose Street service event which will be coming soon:

BSU/OLE Haunted House:
  The Haunted House collaboration has been a successful event over the years. It brings both Hopkins students and the students of the Tutorial Project (part of the Center of Social Concern), here on Homewood, together for a two afternoons/evenings (October 30-31st 4-6pm) of laughter and Halloween fun. It is the job of volunteers to help turn the BSU room into a fun-filled haunted house atmosphere with decorations, costumes, and candy. Volunteers also assist in providing a bit of halloween fright.

Literacy Program:
  Each category of the literacy program has a criterion which is open to improvements as the program progresses. Sense this is a novitiate program, only one topic will be addressed during a complete semester. For example, the Fall '06 semester may offer computer skills classes while the Spring '07 semester may offer English comprehension classes. The classes will occur once a week (exact day has yet to be determined) in either a computer lab or classroom. The goals and purpose of each topic of the literacy program is as listed:

Computer Skills:
  To focus on and improve skills including typing, use and control of the mouse/touch pad, Word, Excel, internet (Firefox/Internet Explorer), computer maintenance (running virus scans, spyware detection, harddisk cleanup/defragmentation, and software installation, and removal) and understanding how to navigate through files and folders.
  To introduce computer use and maintenance to the old and young generation, those who have little or no access to computers, and those who need more practice. These skills could be used for job opportunities, school, and personal enrichment.

Basic Math Skills:
  To improve on or fully introduce and teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, word problems, algebra, and geometry.
  To master math skills for passing the GED and for personal enrichment: financial planning and balancing check books.

English Comprehension:
  To build on pronunciation, reading, sentence structure, grammar, and writing skills (basic paragraphs and resume writing).
  To master the different concepts involved in the English language which can play a role in job applications, work environments, personal enrichment, GED Prep, and mastering English as a second language.

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Publicity Committee

  The purpose of the BSU publicity committee is keep the jhu community informed about BSU Events.