Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I become Member of the Month?

The member of the month is selected at the end of every month during the Fall and Spring Semester. Each Committee Chair nominates a member of their committee. Throughout the week the performance of the nominated members is monitored by the various E-board Members. The member of the month is then selected from the nominated members. Some of the criteria include: excellent meeting attendance and participation, active member of a committee, attendance to BSU events, and an overall good attitude towards all BSU members.

2. How does BSU choose its discussion topics? and how can I be a part of the decision?

Discussion topics are generally chosen by the BSU E-board based on the suggestions of the general body. If you have an interesting topic you would like to discuss, drop it into the suggestion box located at the entrance of the BSU room or contact any of the Executive Board Members.

3. How does BSU organize events?

For more information on BSU events please contact the events chair.